9445 Sumas Road, Sumas WA 98295


Plot: $250.00

Permanent Care: $50.00

Headstone Setting: $110.00

The plot purchase fee, as well as the permanent care fee, must be paid upfront in order to reserve a plot location.

The headstone setting fee does not need to be paid until the headstone is ready to be set.

*Visit Sumas City Hall to reserve and purchase a plot.

433 Cherry St.

Sumas, WA 98295




Rules and Regulations:

         2.30.090    Marker Restrictions.

For the purpose of care and maintenance of the cemetery, only flat markers may be used at the grave site. Monuments, effigies and structures are hereinafter prohibited from being placed in any portion of the cemetery

(Ord. 691, 1971)

**All casket burials require a liner, but urn burials do not.

**One plot can be shared as long as the burials are either 2 urns together or 1 casket with 1 urn together.

**2 caskets can not be buried in the same plot. A second plot will need to be purchased.

**The City of Sumas does not buy back unused plots.


The Sumas American Legion Post #212 has a Memorial Day ceremony annually at the Sumas Cemetery.

Contact the Sumas American Legion for more information.

134 Harrison Ave.

Sumas, WA 98295





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