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Read on for a List of our Utility Rates and Utility Hook Up Fees.
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Utility Rates: Electric, Water, Sewer, TV

The City of Sumas is it’s own utility.  We buy our power from the Bonneville Power Administration and then sell it to our consumers.  Does this cost you more money?  No, it actually saves you money because we buy our power in such large quantities and pass the savings on to you!

  • Residential Electric Rate – $5.00 base charge plus .0771 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • Commercial Electric Rate – $4.50 min. per month plus up to 5000 kilowatts at .0771 cents.  Over 5000 is charged at .0838 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • Industrial Large Users – No minimum or base, charge is 5.815 cents per kilowatt hour for the first 435,000 Kw.  Past that is 5.38 cents per kw hour.
  • Demand Charge for Industrial is $5.325 per Kw plus a $234.50 base rate.
  • Residential Water – 600 c.f. for $9.90 per month.  Beyond that, 1.08 cents per 100 c.f.
  • Residential Sewer – Base fee of $11.85 per month.  Beyond that, $5.946 per 100 c.f. of water used/Summer rates based on Winter average
  • Residential Storm Sewer – Single Family Residence $1.50 per month.  Multi Family $3.50 month.
  • Commercial Water – 600 c.f. for $9.90 per month.  Beyond that, 1.08 cents per 100 c.f.
  • Commercial Sewer – Base fee of $11.85 per month. Beyond that, $5.946 per 100 c.f.of water used.
  • Commercial Storm Sewer – $3.50 per month.
  • Television – $52.00 per month for basic.  Showtime $13.00 additional per month.

* Note – Winter averaging is used for residential summer sewer charges.

If you have questions or for more detailed information, please call
Mollie at Sumas City Hall. Sumas City Hall 360-988-5711

Utility Hook Up Fees

  • Power Hook Up – Actual Cost.
  • Water Hook Up – $2900.00 or actual cost, whichever is greater, per unit.
  • Cable Hook Up – $75.00
  • Sewer Hook Up – $3125.00 or actual cost, some areas have additional cost.
  • Multi Family Water and Sewer Hook Ups have additional fees.  Please call Sumas City Hall to inquire about exact costs.

Please call 360-988-5711 for specific information and questions.

Property Tax Rate

The property tax rate can change often. Please  check the Whatcom County Assesor‘s Web page.

All rates, fees, hookup charges, tax rates, etc. are subject to change without notice at any time. These rates should be confirmed at Sumas City Hall by calling 360-988-5711.